Who Exhibits

Applications are accepted and preliminary list will be announce in May 

F Istanbul is a comprehensive food, beverages, confectionery, processing, and packaging exhibition yet the show will be divided into thematic sections. Hall 2 will host general food and beverage companies, hall 4 will host packaging ingredients and processing providers and hall 8 will be a separate confectionery show. 

Product Groups

Hall 2  

Bakery Products - Bread - Gluten-Free Products 
Baking Ingredients - Concentrate - Yeast - Starch - Sweetener - Powdered Foods - Vanilla 
Staple Food - Sugar - Salt - Flour - Pasta - Rice - Potato Products 
Beverages - Hot - Cold - Carbonated - Still - Energy - Functional 
Fish and Seafood 
Frozen Food - Fruit Vegetables 
Fruit and Vegetables
Halva - Jam - Spreads
Healthy Food 
Honey and Beekeeping Products
Ice Cream
Meat, Chicken, and Products
Milk and Dairy Products - Cheese - Butter 
Oils - Vegetable Oils - Olive Oil - Sunflower Oil - Margarine 
Organic Food 
Ready to Eat Food - Canned Food - Pickles
Pulses Grains and Cereals 
Spices - Sauces - Vinegar - Mayonnaise - Ketchup - Tomato Paste 
Tea - Coffee - Cocoa

Hall 8

Dried Fruits

Hall 4

Food Ingredients
Food Packaging Machinery
Food Packaging Materials
Food Processing Machinery